Sıfır gibi 2.el Ofset Baskı Makinesi Ryobi 755 (SW-5-A) Wide, 2009 Model..


Ryobi 755 (SW-5-A) Wide from Year 2009 but installed 2010 was running in a Printshop in Germany in a small Village. It has only 15 Mio impression!

Family Company with 3 People, Intermak Graphic Machinery has bought the Full Print Shop.

The Press and all the other Machines has been dismantled by Intermak Graphic Machinery in Germany, some Machines has been sold directly From Germany to Other Locations and some Machines has been shipped to our Warehouse Istanbul.

After save arrival the Press Ryobi 755 (SW-5-A) Wide has been cleaned by Intermak Graphic Machinery.

Mr. Münch working with more than 80 Years

Heidelberg Cylinder OHZ from Year 1964